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What a bridal morning should be like!

When I talk with my brides ahead of their wedding morning they often expect it to be chaotic but in my experience it doesn’t need to be perceived as this.

Yes, the last hour before you walk down the aisle or leave, can be very busy but all in all it can be a very relaxing and calm morning if you plan things well.

As you read through this post I will give an insight in to what to expect from your wedding morning from a bridal hairstylist point of view  and provide you with a few ideas that will help towards making your wedding morning a calm and exciting one. 

Why the bridal prep room is so important to your bridal hairstylist and other suppliers!

Many venues now have a designated bridal prep room. If not then sometimes it’s a case of getting ready in a hotel bedroom or a house before the ceremony. When deciding on where you are getting ready you need to take in to consideration how many people will be in the room and will there be enough space. Often there is the full bridal party plus both hair and make up and then a photographer and videographer. 

It’s important the room is spacious and if possible has access to natural light. This will benefit both the hair and make up artist but also the photographer and videographer. 


Surfaces are important. Both the hair stylist and make up artist will need surfaces and then you will also need it for breakfast items and drinks. 

Plug sockets are required for both hair stylists and make up artists. Make up some times brings a ring light and then you will also need them for phone chargers and other items. 

Seating areas are important. You will want a sociable area for yourself and the bridal party members to hang out while waiting for hair and make up and a place that allows you to eat and drink. You will then need chairs for both hair and make up.

Things to consider/bring with you !

Check what facilities you have if you aren’t getting ready at home. Often the bridal morning can be an early start so you need to consider what you will do for breakfast. If possible bring breakfast items with you. Food that can be eaten easily around your hair and make up appointments is best. 

Music on the wedding morning is a vital part of creating a calm and enjoyable atmosphere. Before the day, create your own playlist. Songs that you enjoy listening to on a day to day basis or songs that you and your friends enjoy when getting ready for an occasion. Either bring a speaker with you or check if the venue has one. 

Is there some where to hang your dresses out in the open? This is an ideal photo opportunity for your photographer. If you need to steam your dresses it’s also handy to have somewhere you can hang the dresses. A steamer is the perfect item for the wedding morning. It can be used on all the dresses and the veil. If your venue doesn’t have one then I’d definitely recommend buying one. It’s also important that you steam the dresses before you have your hair and make up done. The reason is because the steam will effect your hair and make up. 

You must.....

Read any hair preparations from your bridal hairstylist and share them with the rest of the bridal party. My timings for the wedding morning are based off everyone following the hair preparations and they also allow me to provide you with the best hair styling so that your hair styles last for the duration of the celebration. So please don’t skip this!


Ensure all your bridal party are on time for their hair and make up time slots. You may have been provided with a timeline for the morning. If your bridal party aren’t staying with you the night before then please DONT tell the bridal party to only arrive just before their time slot. Ensure they arrive at least 30 minutes prior. Sometimes hair and make up can be ahead of time and if this happens I’d prefer to get ahead of myself to allow longer for touch ups in necessary. At the same time we can sometimes run behind schedule and if this happens then don’t worry. I always work towards having you all ready an hour before you need to leave so this means I have a bit of extra time if needed. 


Allow time for a reveal moment. Whether this is a moment with your bridal party or with you Mum/Dad. It’s a beautiful moment so why not capture it on camera. 

Final Tips
  • Ensure you stay hydrated and make sure you eat even if its just light snacks
  • Use a scrunchie to tie your hair up if you need to for going to sleep or while you wait for your hair to be done. Make sure its not tied too tight and tie it low down. Doing this will avoid kinks
  • Keep a room tidy to allow for a clean backdrop for your photographer when dress pictures are taken.
  • Nominate someone in your bridal party to be the point of contact for your wedding morning. This will allow you to sit back and relax without too many disruptions. 

Photographers pictures included in this blog post:

  • Sarah Taylor
  • Silver and light
  • Fairclough studios
  • Lauren Stacey 
  • Lady Bird
  • Sally Shaw
  • Kamila Nowak 

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