Veil Or No Veil?

@rebeccakerrphotography: Veil- Botia Accessories

Where does the tradition of the veil come from?

When it comes to wedding traditions the veil is one that has lasted year after year. Not many people know how the tradition came about though. 

Some say veils first became popular in the Roman times. A red sheet, called a Flammeum, covered the bride from head to toe. The reason for this was that it was supposed to make the bride look like she was on fire to then scare off any evil spirits that could ruin the wedding day. Over the years it has also symbolised purity and innocence. Depending on who you ask there may be a varied amount of answers. 

Your wedding day is likely to be the only time in your life where you will have the opportunity to wear something like a veil so when it comes to choosing your dress make sure you try on a few veil styles before deciding whether its a yes or no. 

Things to consider!

I reached out to Gemma from Garter and Veil for her point of view and for some advice for future brides when deciding on a veil. If you haven’t heard of Garter and Veil then definitely check out their website. It’s a British based company that specialises in luxury handcrafted accessories for bridal and event wear.

Gemma said, “Wearing a veil can be a very romantic and traditional element of your outfit, it is also stunning in photos but there are a few things to consider before choosing to wear a veil as they also have some disadvantages.

They can be uncomfortable and inconvenient especially if you have chosen a very long style as you will need someone else nearby at all times to help move around. It is important to consider your venue, your style of wedding and the weather can also be a deciding factor – If you’re planning on getting married in an outdoor location with lots of windy days ahead, this might not be ideal since they tend fly away with strong gusts. In this case you may consider a cape veil which can be attached to your dress. “
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@anitakphotography- Garter & Veil
“Once you have chosen your style and length of veil then you can decide if you wish to personalise it or buy a design off the peg. 
It is important to note that you do not need to choose your veil at the same time as your dress and can shop around to find the perfect style to suit you. 
Bespoke veils offer the freedom to add details such as lace, embroidery and even sequins. Pearls are a timeless detail that are synonymous with brides however they are really having a moment this year and I have seen a distinct increase in requests to have then added to veils & hair pieces.
If you are wanting a truly personalised veil then having a bespoke piece created for you can be an exciting and memorable part of your wedding planning and an heirloom to pass down to future generations.”
Iscoyd park bride with detailed veil
A Suzanne Neville dress- @liamandbee

Other options if a veil isn't for you.

Skinny hair bow
@rebeccakerrphotography: Hair Bow- Hair Creations By Colette
Real bride Jane- @missstellayork
Bridal hairband hairstyle
@rebeccakerrphotography: Headband- Gibson Bespoke

Hair Bows

Bows are a simple and elegant hair accessory. They are a timeless element to any bridal look. You can get them in all different seizes. A large bow can be an amazing statement piece or you can choose to have a small one that can delicately drape over your bridal style. 


These are a great modern alternative to a veil and still provide you with the same beautiful detail at the back as well as the wow factor.

The cape attaches and falls from the shoulders therefore avoiding anything being attached to the hair. This definitely makes me happy with being a hairstylist :)!


Gemma (Garter and Veil) says, “A headband is an elegant contemporary choice for many brides. If you want something simple try a narrow pearl or crystal studded piece or if you prefer something more dramatic, choose a wider one with floral or celestial elements to compliment your look. Tiara- Garter and Veil
Jon Richard Jewellery


Gemma (Garter and Veil) says, “If you want something eye-catching and easy to wear this classic bridal accessory comes in all kinds of styles, from traditional to modern so there is something available to suit all tastes

Self adhesive pearls

These are a very simple and affordable hair accessory. They stick to the hair so well and can be used in down styles like above to finish off a classic look like a Hollywood wave

Hair Pins/Combs

There is a hair pin/comb for everyone. You can choose from statement pieces to dainty pearl/diamond accessories. The beauty of hair pins is you can either have one in your hair or add more to create a bulkier/fuller hair accessory. They are sometimes the perfect finishing touch to a hairstyle. A little bit of sparkle!

Use code: COLETTE15 for 15% off at Jon Richard 

@sarah_glynn_photographer- Earrings: Bouji Bride Company
Flower Crown: Fleurs & Ink

Statement Earrings

Gemma (Garter and Veil) says, “If the thought of wearing anything in your hair on your head just is not for you then consider a pair of statement earrings. It will give off that same wow factor without being too overwhelming for someone who isn’t used to wearing jewellery. 


Perfect for the modern bride who wants to change up the traditional aesthetic but also a great option for the outdoor ceremonies. I love this one that Rachel recently wore for her wedding.

Flower Crown

A beautiful natural hair piece that is very popular with the boho bride. An accessory that can be easily co-ordinated with the rest of the florals at your wedding. 

I hope listing the options above has helped you. If it hasn’t and it’s made you even more undecided then don’t forget to ask for help. From the those around you but also from the professionals. That could be from your bridal boutique/dress designer, your hair stylist or even a veil designer. 

Gemma said (Garter and Veil), “I continue to see veils as a popular choice for brides, there is no one size fits all so they can be intimidating to choose and often brides come to me to help them decide on the right option that will make them feel beautiful and confident on their special day. Which is why at Garter & Veil we offer complimentary styling appointments within our boutique and as each veil and accessory is made to order by hand in our studio you can be assured of choosing the perfect options customised for your individual wedding day look. “
So make sure who ever is providing you with your veil or accessories you ask them for their professional opinion. It might just help you make your mind up!
Half up half down with hair bow accessory
Black and white photo of ponytail with a veil

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